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Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth's Circumference

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    Eratosthenes' measurement of the Earth's Circumference

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        Short Description:

          Students will measure the Earth’s circumference based on Eratosthenes’ experiment, which he carried out at 3rd century B.C.
                  Educational objectives  

                  Cognitive domain (processes)
                  to think critically and creatively:  Students learn about the innovative way Eratosthenes used to calculate Earth's circumference.

                  Cognitive domain (knowledge)
                  procedural knowledge:  Students understand how exactly Eratosthenes performed his measurement and attempt to repeat it.

                  to respond and participate:  Students follow the guidelines given by the teacher and perform the measurement of Earth's circumference themselves.

                  to imitate and try:  Learners follow the same procedure as Eratosthenes did and try to measure Earth's circumference exactly as he did.
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                  Type of Educational Pathway: Structured

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