The River of Life

Short Description: The Life of the River is an educational activity in the form of play for high school and high school students. Secondly, it is addressed to teachers who want an essential and at the same time easy and well-organised activity and are not afraid to get in touch with their students. In addition, contact with science, and in particular biology, would give the teachers involved, at least in the handling of the cognitive content, a sense of comfort. The activity develops into a wetland where, after collection, recognition of small organisms, which are biological indices, the quality of the environment. In the specific application the activity develops around an excursion visit to the Fodele wetland. – A game based activity that takes place near a river.

Cognitive domain (processes) to apply: Students should be able to apply scientific methodology.

Cognitive domain (knowledge) procedural knowledge: Students should use small mobile devices connected to the internet and apply their previous knowledge Effective to respond and participate: Students need to learn to work together and complete a study.

Psycomotor to perform independently, skilfully and precisely: Students should be able to accurately identify micro-organisms based on the instructions given to them.

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