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OSR Educational Pathways Authoring Tool

An educational pathway tool is offered, making easy for the users to create exchange and re-use educational scenarios and activities. The scenarios are modular, based on elementary educational building blocks (actions) in order to facilitate a “mix and match” re-usability scheme. Furthermore, the scenario authoring tools will strongly encourage users to contribute their content on the same digital repository along with professionally produced content. The authoring tool allows the teacher to easily prepare for the pre-visit, visit and post-visit stages of his/her interaction with the exhibits of the OSR museums, to prepare a full educational scenario with ease, to re-use existing components and to share the output of his/her work with colleagues all over Europe. The authoring tool is based on the CONNECT Visual Designer (CVD) authoring tool (, which has been developed by INTRASOFT. More specifically, the CVD utilizes IIS 5.0 web server and ASP as container objects. All Features within the ASP (Active Server Page) container objects are implemented using Java Script and AJAX Client Server on demand technologies. The resulting tool allows teachers to add educational content (images, text, 2D and 3D animations, video, and sound) to the science centres exhibits and to make it available during the visit. - Guidelines and directions for authoring educational pathways for the OSR portal.