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The physics of photography

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    The physics of photography

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        Short Description:

          activities on the physics of photography, drawing on the case study of the pin-hole camera
                  Educational objectives  

                  Cognitive domain (processes)
                  to understand:  use inquiry and experience as tools for understanding

                  Cognitive domain (knowledge)
                  conceptual knowledge:  the pin-hole camera is the case study to reflect on notions and phenomena as well as on the science method itself

                  to respond and participate:  experiments encourage engagement

                  to perform confidently following instructions:  instructions guide students through the experiments but also encourage their own hypotheses
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                  Type of Educational Pathway: Open

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                  The license of the work The physics of photography by maria xanthoudaki for museo nazionale della scienza e della tecnologia leonardo da vinci
                  permits : reproduction , distribution
                  requires : indication of the license governing the work , attribution
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