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Social Reactions to Disability

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    Social Reactions to Disability

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          Η αντιμετώπιση που θα πρέπει να έχουμε απέναντι στους ανθρωώπους με αναπηρία. Χωρίς προκατάληψη και φόβο.
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                  to think critically and creatively:  No further description provided for objective

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                  conceptual knowledge:  No further description provided for objective

                  to adapt and perform creatively:  No further description provided for objective
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                  maulanarohman7 2015-10-29 16:14:54
                  big thanks ;D Produk Green World
                  Banoohoma 2015-10-28 21:50:23
                  The information you have posted is very useful. !
                  Banoohoma 2017-06-13 11:13:39